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Eid Offer Package

1 Year Free Internet

Terms & Conditions

  • This campaign is not applicable for Regular and Basic Plus packages. The campaign is only applicable for Triple Play packages (Epic 20 and above).
  • Campaign offers will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Refund Policy
    • For customers who have paid one year's internet fee in advance and are eligible for free internet for the next year, the refundable amount will be only the monthly recurring charge (MRC) for the months not yet used.
    • The refund will be provided only after deducting, at actual cost basis, the cost of the Ran Online Set-Top Box, one-time charge (OTC) for connection fee, and the MRC for the months of internet already used by the customer.
    • If a customer terminates service, then one month's notice from cancellation must be given to provide the refund. The refund will be disbursed to the customer in cash, only after the ONU and Optical Fiber have been returned to Ran Online.
    • In case of cancellation, if a customer cancels within the billing cycle, then the MRC for the entire billing cycle will be charged to the customer.
  • Once the campaign offer has been accepted by a customer, there will not be any option to either downgrade to a lower MRC package or upgrade to a higher MRC package.
  • This offer is valid only from the start of Ramadan till Eid. Ran Online reserves the right to extend the campaign duration as per Management decision.
  • All equipment (ONU + Optical Fiber) provided to customers will be the sole property of Ran Online.
  • The campaign offer is only eligible for those areas in Only Uttara where Ran Online internet coverage already exists.

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+8801972625900, +8809611688711




House # 02, Road # 20/A, Sector # 04, Uttara, Dhaka-1230